Hog Heaven South - 2019 - Season CHAMP!
BIG BUCK DOWN! #BBD Congrats to Dustin Jarrett, one of our regular whitetail season who killed a 147" 10 point, the biggest deer of the season! Dustin has killed some other good deer but this was his biggest and it topped the score chart for the season! And, he did it all by himself - no help from Nick or anyone else at the ranch! He selected the spot, set it up, adjusted his setup and scored this stud! We sure SAW some some bigger deer this year but nobody managed to 'close the deal' on any of them. When you consider this very mature buck survived to 5.5 through a slew of hunters on a commercially hunted property without any supplemental (protein) feed, this deer deserves a "handicap" of an additional 20" of bone! This is what keeps our hunters dedicated to Brushy Hill and returning year after year - the prospect of harvesting a stud of a deer without ANY trophy fees and for a daily rate that most folks can actually afford! This is the kind of deer that people come to South Texas to hunt! This deer has it ALL - tine length, beam length, good width and mass! Keep in mind that this is a 100% fair chase, low fence native deer that's never had ANY supplemental protein feed. This rack is simply the product of great genetics, age, some decent rain at the right time of year and all the native flora that's naturally high in protein. These deer live in some tough country without the advantage of midwestern agriculture or a supplemental feeding program. If you want to test your skills as a hunter and try to hang a TRUE trophy, that represents your abilities (and luck) as a hunter, come hunt with us - maybe you can out-do Dustin! -You'll certainly have your work cut out for ya! If you want to keep up with trophy animals taken and what's happening on the ranch, give our ranch manager a follow on Instagram: @BrushyHillGuide https://www.instagram.com/brushyhillguide/ and follow our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/BrushyHillRanch/
Click on this image to find the moon cycle for your hunt. Whitetail deer move more at night during a full moon, or near a full moon, than they do when there's no moon. Wild hogs and wild Boar are best hunted during a full moon. Before booking an affordable Whitetail deer hunt, Turkey hunt or Wild Hog or Wild Boar hunt, MAKE SURE to check that the moon will be where you want it!

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