Semi-Guided & Fully Guided Hunting at Brushy Hill Ranch

Semi-guided and fully guided hunts are available through Brushy Hill Ranch Manager, Nick Anderson. These services are in addition to the daily hunting fees collected by Brushy Hill Ranch and are contracted directly through Nick.

All hunts at Brushy Hill are normally self guided. However, semi-guided and fully guided hunts (Whitetail deer, hogs & turkey)can be arranged for an additional cost. If you are interested in a semi-guided or fully guided hunt, please let us know when you book your hunt- so arrangements can be made in advance of your arrival. Our guides require a minimum of 7 days advance notice; but prefer to know at least 2 weeks in advance- this gives them time to scout and prepare specifically for your hunt. We want you to have the very best hunt possible at Brushy Hill!

Nick has been hunting at Brushy Hill Ranch for years and is on the ranch year-round, so he knows each of the pastures like the back of his hand. His duties on the ranch- which include keeping the feeders (53 of them!) operating, running the feed routes and checking the hunting camps- all give him a unique knowledge of the wildlife on the ranch and their patterns. While there are no harvest guarantees made, or implied, using a guide that is intimately familiar with the property and the game will definitely improve any hunter's chances of success!

Here are some of the other benefits and services that come with semi-guided hunts at Brushy Hill Ranch:

  • Stands are set up for each hunter prior to arrival - This means your stands are ready to hunt before you get to the ranch so all you have to do is unpack and head out to your stand! This means no wasted time scouting the day of your arrival or getting your bearings in our large pastures- you can get right to hunting in a productive spot!
  • Stands are pre-corned prior to arrival - every effort is made to corn your set-ups for several (or more!) days prior to your arrival!  This allows the game in the area to get accustomed to, and un-afraid of, the stand you will be hunting - A MAJOR advantage!  Particularly on a day lease ranch, where game are usually very hunter-savy, animals are wary of new setups; and it may take days after setting up a stand, for the trophy animals to feel comfortable enough to feed in front of it! Unless you are hunting with us for a week or more, it is impossible to do this yourself.
  • Customized set ups - Nick works with each client to try and set up the kind of stand they want! Hunters who book at least 1-2 weeks in advance can request the type of stand (pop-up, ladder or brush blind) they prefer and let Nick know things like whether they shoot shoot right-handed or left handed. Every effort is made to accommodate each hunter's preferences.  However, the type of stand/blind that is used is often determined by the terrain in the area where a "shooter buck" is frequenting.
  • Stands are heavily 'brushed in' using native brush and techniques that work to really hide you! One of the biggest problems we see hunters make is not 'brushing in' their stands enough to keep the game from 'picking them off.' Nick spends a great deal of time making sure that each stand is brushed in properly and in a way that makes it much more difficult for game to spot the stand or the hunter!
  • Each stand you contract is $125 (one-time fee, not per day) and may be hunted for your entire hunt, whether that's 2 days or 10, for no additional fee! During the off season, blinds may include lights so that you can hunt hogs at night.
  • Nick supplies the tent-blind or ladder stand or builds a brush blind! Hunters who prefer to use their own blinds or ladder stands may send them to Nick prior to their hunt or bring them the with them to be set up upon arrival.  However, hunters who prefer to use their own equipment are advised to send Nick their equipment prior to arrival to allow him time to set it up and corn the spot for at least 3 days before being hunted!
  • Nick will take you out and show you your stand(s) upon arrival, explain why the area was chosen (i.e. what deer have been seen in the area), what to expect at the stand and how to hunt that stand.

Fully Guided Bowhunts include all the above PLUS:

  • 1 Guide sits with 1 hunter during each hunt.
  • Guide will judge deer (or other game animal) for hunter and determine age, score and whether it meets management guidelines and hunter's expectations!
  • Guide will track deer for free up to 300 yards! Beyond 300 yards guide will receive 1/2 of normal tracking fee.
  • Guide will field dress, cape and quarter trophy animal(s) for free!
  • Guide will take digital photos of hunter and trophy animal(s) and email them to hunter!
  • Video taping available for additional fee. If you are interested in having your hunt video taped, please contact Nick to discuss services and pricing.

Semi-Guided Bow Hunts - $100 (off season & spring turkey) $125 (whitetail season) per stand/blind set up  (in addition to Brushy Hill Ranch daily hunting rate)
Fully Guided Bow Hunts -  $250/day  (in addition to Brushy Hill Ranch daily hunting rate)

Booking Your Semi-Guided Bowhunt or Fully Guided Bowhunt:
If you are interested in booking a semi-guided or fully guided archery hunt at Brushy Hill Ranch, or have questions about these services, please call/text Nick Anderson at: 512-587-8651 or email him at  A deposit of 50% is required to book guiding services. Please contact Nick at least 7 days in advance of your hunt, if you are interested in either semi-guided archery hunting or fully guided archery hunting. The more advance notice you can give Nick, the better- to allow him time to prepare for your arrival! 

Bowhunting Lessons
Nick also offers bowhunting lessons for those just getting started!  Pricing depends on the individual needs and how many hunters. There is no charge for children 14 years of age and younger who are with a paying adult. These lessons are extensions of  either semi-guided or fully guided hunting and include most of the same advantages! The difference is, Nick takes the time to teach you how and why he does things! 

Click on this image to find the moon cycle for your hunt. Whitetail deer move more at night during a full moon, or near a full moon, than they do when there's no moon. Wild hogs and wild Boar are best hunted during a full moon. Before booking an affordable Whitetail deer hunt, Turkey hunt or Wild Hog or Wild Boar hunt, MAKE SURE to check that the moon will be where you want it!

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