To our hunters, old and new - 

We want to let you know that we’re making some changes to our business model for the upcoming whitetail season. Many of you have asked for an even stronger approach to game management and we've been listening. So, after extensive consultation with wildlife biologists, we are implementing more conservation and game management practices in order to improve the quality and sustainability of the whitetail population on the ranch; and we’ve made some changes to the way that we allow people to hunt here. This is entirely motivated by our desire to improve the hunting experience for YOU! Our goal remains to provide the best possible hunting experience for ALL of our clients, at the best possible prices  Here are changes…

1. We are eliminating those hunters that haven’t played fair with us, with the game, with the property and with other hunters. There have been a number of long-time clients that have taken advantage of the ranch and our appreciation of their business; and this has had a negative effect on the the hunting for those that followed. 

2. We’re reducing the number of hunters we accept during the second half of whitetail season - December 1 through the close of the general season. This will reduce and spread out the ‘pressure’ the game experiences In turn, this will improve the overall experience for all of our hunting clients. Particularly our late season hunters.

3. We are applying a maximum number of days that we will allow any hunter or group to hunt on one trip. We’ve had some groups in the past that managed to, through their size and long-time patronage of the ranch, monopolize certain pastures and garner an unfair advantage over other hunters. This resulted in excess pressure on the game in that pasture and, thus, negatively impacted the hunting experience for those clients that followed them. This change will not effect most of our hunters but will go a long way towards ‘leveling the playing field’ for all of our hunters!

4. While we are keeping the $180 per day base hunting price for the first half of the season (opening day through November 30th), we are raising the price for the second half of the season (December 1 through the end of the general season) to $240 per day. As always, there will be NO trophy fees here at Brushy Hill. The increased price is directly proportionate to the reduction in the number of hunters we will accept. The sole reason for this price increase is to enable us to reduce the number of hunters we accept. This means, the average hunter in the late season will have even more ground and experience less spooky game. We will continue to implement replacement fees for those that shoot deer that don’t meet our stated harvest guidelines. These fees are unchanged from last season.

5. We are implementing a much stronger approach to monitoring the activities of all of our hunters. This will mean an increase in the number of camp checks by ranch staff and an increase in the number of visits from our 4 local TPWD Game Wardens. Following our experiences with a number of groups last season and the large number of tickets issued by game wardens last season, TPWD has agreed to increase their presence on the ranch. Hunters found to be knowingly violating TPWD and ranch rules will be removed from the ranch immediately - NO exceptions or second chances.

As you know, if you have hunted with us before, the game is here. The ranch has enormous potential and and we want to realize it. We want to realize it for you, our hunters! Some of the effect will be evident immediately, during the coming season, but the really big imrovements may take a few years to be fully realized. The vast majority of our hunters each season are repeat clients and we appreciate you very much! We value your opinion and your loyalty to the ranch; so please let us know if you have any questions ( or feel free to call us at 830-988-2802.


- Brushy Hill Ranch



Click on this image to find the moon cycle for your hunt. Whitetail deer move more at night during a full moon, or near a full moon, than they do when there's no moon. Wild hogs and wild Boar are best hunted during a full moon. Before booking an affordable Whitetail deer hunt, Turkey hunt or Wild Hog or Wild Boar hunt, MAKE SURE to check that the moon will be where you want it!

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