Brushy Hill Ranch - Whitetail Deer Season Harvest & Rule Changes - Summary


We have instituted a few permanent policy changes to our whitetail deer harvest rules. These changes are designed to encourage our hunters to be more selective i regards to the deer they choose to harvest. The changes were put forth after consultation with wildlife biologists and follows their recommendations in order to maintain the heath of our whitetail herd, improve the average size of the bucks harvested and further improve success rates. We still remain Texas' best value for whitetail hunting....and we want to stay that way!

1) The previous 2 buck option on 5-day (or longer) hunts is revoked. Therefore, going forward, hunts of 5 days (or more) or longer shall include only 1 trophy buck (14" minimum inside spread), 1 cow horn spike (7' or longer, unbranched on both sides) and TWO mature does. Hunts of of less than 5 days in duration remain unchanged; including, 1 trophy buk, 1 cow horned spike and 1 mature doe. All hunts, of any duration, continue to include unlimted free-ranging exotics, unlimited feral hogs, predators (absolutely NO calling permitted!) and 2 Rio Grande turkeys.

2) No more than 2 trophy bucks may be taken during a single season by any individual hunter, regardless of the length of their hunt or the number of hunting trips to the ranch. In order to qualify for a 2nd trophy buck, a hunter must book (with deposit) and come back for an additional hunt that begins at least 10 days following the conclusion of their first hunt. In addition, in order to qualify for the 2nd trophy buck, the two hunts MUST total at least 8 days of hunting during that season. Exceptions shall not be granted. 

3. Hunters may now use Rage mechanical broadheads; or continue to use Ramcat or any fixed blade broadheads. Other brands of mechanical broadheads are not allowed on the ranch for whitetail. No exceptions will be made. We hope the use of the large diameter Rage brodheads, such as the Rage Extreme, Extreme 4-blade and 2-blade SC models, will help improve hunters' recovery rates on deer harvested. Please choose your shots carefully and limit the shooting distance due to the reaction speed of our 'educated' whitetail deer! Remember: Any wound is considered a 'kill' and counts as a kill, regardless whether the animal is recovered or not!

4)  Party hunting continues to not be tolerated here! Party hunting is the practice of shooting a deer (or any other limited animal) that was allocated to another hunter - including wives and children. Each hunter has their own harvest allowance, as described above (#1 & #2), whether they acheive it or not. Individual hunters MAY NOT SHARE their harvest allotment among the group. For example, if you already shot your trophy buck you are not allowed to shoot another buck just because your buddy (or wife or child) in camp hasn't shot one yet. Deer replacement costs and removal from the ranch accompany this rule vioation.

5) We continue to disallow gas-powered 4-wheelers, ATVs, UTVs and Rangers. No exceptions will be made.

Click on this image to find the moon cycle for your hunt. Whitetail deer move more at night during a full moon, or near a full moon, than they do when there's no moon. Wild hogs and wild Boar are best hunted during a full moon. Before booking an affordable Whitetail deer hunt, Turkey hunt or Wild Hog or Wild Boar hunt, MAKE SURE to check that the moon will be where you want it!

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